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DONGGUAN XUYANG Machinery Company was established in 2001, The company's early professional production and sale of the turret type milling machine, with the development of high speed and high demand in the processing industry and mold industry, in order to meet the needs of the customers, began to invest in the design and design of CNC CNC lathes in 2008, and imported parts from well-known enterprises in Taiwan, Japan, Switzerland and other countries, assembled and tested CNC CNC machine tools. Professional production: CNC lathe, attack center, high-speed engraving and milling machine, machining center machine.

The company strictly follows the SOP (standard operating procedure) management mode in all processes of machine tool design, production and processing, assembly process and accuracy inspection. In the purchase of raw materials, we insist on the use of high quality parts of world famous factories such as Switzerland, Germany, Japan and Taiwan, and choose a strong and responsible supplier for long-term cooperation. In the quality control of the product, it has the world famous brand detection instrument, strictly guarantee the highest quality of the product, and make the machine to achieve the best effect.

Our mission: rising sun and sunshine, creating profits and serving the community.

Our business philosophy is to be honest, rigorous and pragmatic, so as to win customer satisfaction.

Our enterprise aim is to create a future with quality and create a never-ending innovation.

Our goal: higher, better, stronger!

We look forward to working together with you to forge ahead and create a better tomorrow.

Common problems
The difficulty of CNC lathe processing Because the machine tool is different, the material is different, the cutting way is different, the tool is different, and the parameter...