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Model 45 Precision Mill-turn Compound (Y-axis) CNC Lathes

Model 45 Precision Mill-turn Compound (Y-axis) CNC Lathes

Precision mill-turn compound machining center |


Compounding is a common development trend in the cuddle machine tool. In the modern machine machining, the center of the composite CNC machine tool has multi axis linkage function. The power tool frame of the machine tool can make the powerful milling with the Y axis, and the main column of the Y axis as one of the power tool must be supported. It must be optimized to reduce the machine tool. Strong vibration at the time of shaving makes machining parts obtain higher machining accuracy and good surface roughness.

The three-dimensional modeling of the column and the definition of material:

In this process, some small features in the three-dimensional model, such as processing chamfering, threaded holes, and process convex platform, will affect the establishment of finite meshless model in this process, because of these characteristics that do not affect the mechanical properties are simplified, and the simplified three-dimensional model is carried out in this process. HT300 cast iron is selected according to its usage.